Exciting Summer Travel

Hi everyone!   I just want to fill you in on some of the most recent news in my life.  Today was my last day of finals, so I am now officially done with the spring semester.  But just because summer is here does not mean that I get to slow down.  All evidence to the contrary!  While I will continue living in Dallas this summer, it will not be a vacation.  I now have a permanent job in real estate plus an internship with a non-profit startup.  Both of them will keep me more than occupied.

For those of you who know me (or particularly those who have seen my home’s decór), you must know that I am quite the anglophile.  Well God save the Queen, because I’m going to England this summer to study abroad.  I’ll be taking two history courses at Oxford University.  My goal is for this trip to be my first major blog project, so I hope that everyone will enjoy it.  I will take plenty of photos, and I suspect I will to a bit of running about in the UK, and possibly on the continent.  Austria has been suggested, but that remains to be seen.  Whatever the case, I will be sure to leave things here for all to see.  I look forward to sharing another chapter of my story with you!


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